10 X Editions

10(X) Editions is a micro press of handmade and limited edition books, launched in response to the overwhelming torrent of images flooding the world today. It’s a deliberate way to slow down and look at photos for the pure joy of it, for the pleasure of the ways one photograph leads to another. 10 titles, 10 photos at a time. Each title is meant to be the visual equivalent of a conversation with good friends around the dinner table.  

There will always be 10 handmade, signed and numbered titles available, in editions of 10. Titles change whenever I feel like taking a title down and putting a new one up. There are 10 images in each book, although you'll only see four "teases" in the gallery for each book (at the left). HINT: The title of each book is the conceit that’s your guide to what’s inside. 

There will also be 10 printed, signed and numbered, hand-bound titles, in editions of 50. They'll usually correspond to the 10 handmade titles.  

Prints are also available – one selection from each book in 8 ½ x 11 inch size, signed and numbered in editions of 10. 

And there will be 10 printed guest artist titles -- signed, numbered, and hand bound in editions of 50. Several of the 2016 guest artist titles have sold out, but there are still some titles available. Check the galleries to the left to see. There will be 10 new guest artists in 2017. JUST ADDED: Handmade accordion versions of each guest artist book, editions of 10, $100 each. 

The Special Projects section features the limited edition (50 copies), artist's "workbox" of my Guggenheim-supported, long-term project, "Forgiveness and Conflict: Lessons from Africa." 

Books are 5x7 inches, all archival materials. To purchase, click on "Purchase a Book" in the menu to the left. 


See 10(X) on TIME's LightBox, an interview with Sara Terry and Olivier Laurent. August 2016 

Pamela Chen's Apollo and Bean, featured on the Letters page of the New York Review of books, Nov 24, 2016 issue.